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Design considerations for an idealized domestic surround sound listening space
The author describes an ideal surround sound system.
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On Special Instructions, Computer Hell, and Time vs. Money
"A hell as certain as change, mortality, and the end of life as we know it." (Mark Parsons)
Which Way To Go? More Resolution or More Channels?
A look at future audio formats.
Is Bits Really Bits
What Really Happens When You Listen To A (you pick the number)-Bit Signal?
24 Bits: Can You Hear ‘Em? 96 kHz.: Can You Hear It?
How Do You Know? What Does It All Mean?
The Difference Between What You Hear and What You “Hear!”
An overview of those human biological signal processors otherwise known as ears, and how they impact the question of audibility.
Hearing: The Highs and the Lows of It
Dave attempts to explain how we perceive pitch, to an alien.
Great Rock ‘n Roll Clichés: Trash or Icons
Clichés are not always a bad thing.
Some Thoughts About Copyright
A discussion of copyright issues.
KCUR broadcasts piece on the Kauffman Center Garage
For a series called "Artists in their Own Words," KCUR's Laura Spencer met up with composer David Moulton and artist Lajos Héder during the installation.
Bang & Olufsen wins major car sound system award
The Bang & Olufsen in-car entertainment system fitted to the Audi A8 has been voted the world’s best sound system. II
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“From Exile to Exaltation” wins 2006 Independent Music Awards for Best Gospel Song
Two of Dave's surround mixes were nominated for the Independent Music Awards, one wins!
Sensible Sound on the BL5
"demonstrably the finest loudspeaker system designed and manufactured thus far."
Audi debuts B&O automotive sound system
The Advanced Sound System, incorporating Sausalito Audio Works' ALT lenses, was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show.