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Design considerations for an idealized domestic surround sound listening space
The author describes an ideal surround sound system.
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The Anatek SR-7 Sample Rate & Format Converter
Dave reviews a digital audio sample rate converter.
Audio-Technica AT4060 Tube Condenser Microphone
A review of Audio-Technica's vacuum-tube cardioid condenser microphone, the AT4060.
The Growing Gulf Between High Resolution and Low Res
Two diverging trends in audio standards; which fork do you take?
The Intellectual Property Bargain
More Thoughts About Copyright
About Women In Audio, AES Style, And Losing (Or Finding) Your Voice
We're in a sexist business, and mostly we really don't like to deal with that fact. Time to get sensitized!
Principles of Multitrack Mixing: the Use of Early Delays
Early delays are those "echos" following the initial onset of a sound (usually room reflections), which effect a great impact on a sound's apparent quality.
About the Loudness of Sounds and the Risk of Hearing Damage
Very important article -- this one's about loudness. Uh-oh! Required reading.

Principles of Multitrack Mixing: The Kick Drum/Bass Relationship
Pop and rock means kick drum and bass. Mixing them well is essential.
A Little Bit More About Dither and Bits
Toby Mountain’s Dither Demo.
KCUR broadcasts piece on the Kauffman Center Garage
For a series called "Artists in their Own Words," KCUR's Laura Spencer met up with composer David Moulton and artist Lajos Héder during the installation.
Bang & Olufsen wins major car sound system award
The Bang & Olufsen in-car entertainment system fitted to the Audi A8 has been voted the world’s best sound system. II
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“From Exile to Exaltation” wins 2006 Independent Music Awards for Best Gospel Song
Two of Dave's surround mixes were nominated for the Independent Music Awards, one wins!
Sensible Sound on the BL5
"demonstrably the finest loudspeaker system designed and manufactured thus far."
Audi debuts B&O automotive sound system
The Advanced Sound System, incorporating Sausalito Audio Works' ALT lenses, was introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show.